Tried drunk coding yesterday for the first time which seems like a rite of passage for us.

Short endeavor. Turns out I cannot type when drunk.

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    I tried that once too. Contrary to you, I can type. But I don't care if I'm doing things wrong [and I know they are wrong].

    Also, I find it hard to remember what was the previous char I wrote. And it's hard to care!
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    @netikras alcohol seems to make me very dizzy and that's the only severe effect. A little case of the giggles and some sleepiness but neither of those are abnormal for me anyways. But the dizziness is pretty bad
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    @AlgoRythm at least you don't need to clean-up the mess afterwards. happend to me occasionally. thought of the dumbass, who wrote that piece of shitty code and realized, that it was my drunken self the night before.

    quality of code did indeed has been measured in WTFs/s these times..
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    you were too drunk, get sober and try again - need to find that sweetspot
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    Idk how y’all do that, I wanna do anything else than work when I’m sauced. A nice glass of Zinfandel with code goes well tho.
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    @AlgoRythm try playing cards against humanity drunk and finally stopping after it literally takes 3 minutes to read a sentence bc there's 4 (of the same) cards and idk which one to read
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    @Stuxnet that’s worse than reading one of them hoes ig posts.
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    Forget the code. Did you have fun?
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    @OmerFlame cantt remember
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    @AlgoRythm Damn. That sounds awesome.
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    My personal Ballner peak is around 2dl of wine, and it's actually amazing just how much more productive I become. The only problem is that even the slightest hangover that I otherwise wouldn't notice kills my creativity so I have to get enough out of it to be free for the next day.
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