Hello Apple,
Fuck you, more than a month trying to open a developer account without any chance, lot of fucking emails.

Lesson 1:
If you’re from a country and put a phone number from another country you will never be able to open a developer account? How did I know that? From my experience and many other people, but Apple just says: Error, that’s it you figure it out !

Lesson 2:
If you pay using a card on which the name is different than the name in the developer account, you have to wait longer and provide more documents. How did I know that? After fucking 5 tickets and more emails asking why my account is not ready yet, then they answered they need a document to verify my identity. If you don’t do that you will just rot waiting.

Lesson 3:
If they need an ID document, you have to email them first and ask why you’re account is not available yet, if you don’t you will just rot waiting.

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