- a split keyboard with a touchpad in the middle that will let you control all gestures on a computer

- a set of desk/monitors that adjusts perfectly for ergo for anyone

- a vertical laptop dock that is modular so you can add extra memory/video processing power and only using your laptop as a CPU/secondary graphics card

- a set of kitchenware and plates that would be so easy to clean and would never get stained

-an insect home alarm system that tells you where the fucking insect is so it doesn't take you by surprise/you can call someone to remove it

- a clothing brand that has a buy one gift one operation mechanic, where you buy a shirt and an article is donated to a local charity

- a restaurant

- a simple, yet robust database option that walks users through creating good databases that is super user friendly

- an app that takes tattoo designs in any format, converts them, allows for editing, and then can hook up to a special printer that gives you the transfer you will use on the client

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  • 3
    Lol. 5th one: Take my money 💵
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    @NoMad :p, you can't catch me
    *Vanishes into white wall*
  • 1
    @Lyym into??? InTo??? 🤣🤣 Some skills you have there.
  • 2
    @NoMad yes, I have acquired a particular set of skills that proves to be very useful in scenarios like these
  • 2
    @Lyym something something killing with bare hands, something something sniper, something something kungfu panda.
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    1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th one
    :take my money gif:

    I'll seriously consider #1 (if it has the pros of the ErgoDox EZ).
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    You don't need the insect detection system, I can lend you my cat, she is THE primal hunter when it's about insects.

    ... Just when she eats stinkbugs it's not nice. No, it's not a joke. God I wish it was a joke.
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    For insects:

    Multiple low-power lasers with lidar tracking, and some ML crappiness for detection, networking, etc. Give them just enough power to light up the insect once they find it. Could also pulse higher power so the combined effect would fry them mid-air, but any individual laser would be harmless.

    Automated mosquito sentry. 😊
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    @Root That reminds of this talk: https://youtu.be/hqKafI7Amd8
    (Skip to 13:08 for the mosquito part).
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    @NoMad something like this?


    I have simlar except iris keyboard and a laptop. I highly recommend
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    @DasKoder similar, but I'm almost ambidextrous so I kinda crave the chance to equally use my hands, specially when it comes to touchpads. (One of my hands is more trained tho, because of school and stuff) also, the chance to use multi-finger hand gestures (e.g. zoom and rotate)

    Plus, not accidentally touching the touchpad with my wrist while I'm typing. Which, this keyboard you showed doesn't cover that, and if anything, makes the distance of travel for wrist to use the touchpad even more. (not so ergonomic)
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    @NoMad To be fair, keyboards like this can replace the mouse/trackpad), it's not as great as using a trackpad/mouse, but if you have a layer that gets to you to do mouse operations without hand travelling too much it's great.
    Of course, if you're built like me or have a wider distance between your shoulders then having the mouse or a trackpad in between the split parts can be inconvenient (I haven't tried that yet, so it's just a guess) as opposed to having the mouse on the outer side of one of the parts.
    And it depends if you're a keyboard or mouse/trackpad heavy user.
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    @Berkmann18 yeah but then you can add the mouse. Plus, for broad shoulders, wouldn't it be better that the keyboard is distributed a bit further? Like, the trackpad just works as a distance between the two parts.

    But then, you can't use the keys by crossing hands easily... That's another downside.
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    @NoMad True, I'm still at the early stage of using an ErgoDox EZ and had to place them apart from each other (like in the picture) but yeah, having the mouse/trackpad in between could help (although I'm predominantly right-handed when using the trackpad and mouse, I also need space to have notebooks and stuff).
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    @Berkmann18 that's a nice setup! I'm jelly!
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    @Berkmann18 that is a nice setup indeed. I've always loved how the ergodic looks, but my typing habits are trash and whenever I've tried split keyboards I can barely type :'(
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    @Berkmann18 actually, side idea, what if you had trackpad on top of both hands on keyboards? If your wrists-rest thingo were not fully static (in horizontal plane, at least), that could be superb, ergonomically speaking.
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    @NoMad Thank you, I had to remove stuff given the lack of space, but it works so far.

    @Lyym Thank you I'm the same; I need to learn to properly touch type on this keyboard before I start using Tarmak 1 (aiming to switch to Colemak when I feel ready).
    I thought it was going to be really hard to switch (from a 100% keyboard), namely as I was planning on going straight to Colemak but ended up staying on QWERTY with some keys moved around (like backspace, space, caps lock, mod4/win) was surprisingly relatively easy to get used to (enough to use the keyboard without looking up my layers on Oryx).
    Mind you, I previously went thought 31 days of touch typing (using 8-9 fingers instead of 4-6) and swapped backspace with caps lock which made it easier to switch to a more ergonomic keyboard.

    Thankfully this keyboard is self-contained, and I have some macros and hotkeys on it (which you can find if you look at "Max's Qwerty/Tarmak1" on Oryx).
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    @NoMad Yeah totally, like having the section highlighted here with some form of trackpad that could also be inclined to accelerate the cursor's movement (something you can control with the EZ but it's quite tricky to use).
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    @Berkmann18 Omg someone built it?! Ahaha that’s amazing!
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    @Root I didn't, ZSA did.
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