I think we all know who the Atlas really is.

I've had this feeling ever since I've started my IT career.

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    Lets go back to "imposter syndrome". This is worse. What syndrome is this?
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    @Demolishun not mutually exclusive
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    @Demolishun Narcissism. Narcissists are boring, there's a lot of them and they are generally shitty people with a varyingly long trail of suffering behind them.
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    Do you want to add overtime without pay and working on weekends for free?
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    @Demolishun @homo-lorens @Devnergy what happens to the project when ceo goes on vacation? Or the company loses a ceo? Nothing. The it staff keeps the show on the road.

    What if the finances dpt is not available in the company? Again, nothing - it guys keep the project alive and functional.

    What if any other dpt is closed or is on vacation? Nothing changes.

    But what if the IT dpt goes offline for at least a week? Chaos... Calls, messages, even visits at home.

    Fuck it, I even was a sole person in a project once: a dev, an ops, a qa, a pm, etc. Do you think the ceo allowed me to take a 1 week off-grid vacation? No sir! I had to be at my phone at all times.

    Who is responsible for adding new features? Who is responsible for security? Stability? Delivering on time? Could any of those be achieved without IT staff? Could it be without other departments?
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    @netikras makes great points, @homo-lorens. It isn’t narcissism when it’s accurate.
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    Or "that one dude who got assigned a core project of the company but somehow management does not think hiring more help will be necessary even though the product crumbles and the dude asked for help many times."

    Then, the dude leaves and the company burns.
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    @netikras congrats you are a 1 man IT department. Your salary should be high that a regular high paid slave.

    Or your salary is just average?
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    @Devnergy it's average
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    @netikras Sounds like you have a great bargaining position.
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    @Root I *had*. And I boosted it tremendously by getting a larger leverage - a good offer at another company. And I got into the bargain with my employer and got an ~80% pay raise. And shifted from jr to mid.

    I'd be a fool to waste such a chance :)
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