iOS is so bloody buggy!

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    Apart from dR crashing once in a while and some connectivity issues with Garmin devices, pray tell where be bugs? I haven’t found them yet... so far my experience with iOS is generally less buggy than Android.
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    Most of my iOS bugs are very small visual glitches or network based problems. But that’s because I’m too stupid to setup my router.
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    I’ve found a networking bug, a few bugs with Siri, and a few UI things that could be better. Also, placing or moving the cursor can be infuriating since it doesn’t always seem to go where I tap, and there’s a bug with moving the cursor around in small edit fields where it often simply jumps to the beginning/end instead.

    Apart from these, the only other bugs I’ve found so far are tiny visual issues like a control being a pixel off, text in almost the right position, etc. They’re only noticeable if you look closely or you’ve already found them.

    Really, there are a lot fewer bugs on iOS than android in my experience.
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    I agree to the posters above me. I've encountered very few bugs in iOS over years of usage and development.
    Your standards must be extremely high to call that bloody buggy.

    Edit: oh I see the tags... so just another bloody Apple hater and android fanboy.
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    @100110111 dR doesn’t crash once in a while, it crashes all the time.
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    @100110111 @bagfox @Root @Lensflare

    I don’t know guys. I have found iOS to be buggier than Android. They are not major fuck-ups, just small irritating, but high in number, bugs. And some are not even rare, they happen at a reproducibility rate of 100%. And not all are UI bugs, many are functional bugs. For instance, whenever I tap on Select in All Photos tab in Photos app, one media is already selected. I have to unselect it then select what I want.

    Then there are some things that just don’t feel intuitive. Maybe because of my 8 years of Android usage before this.

    And some things are just not there but they should be. The experience feels restricted. Android gives liberty.
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    @Root The cursor thing is just so fucking irritating. It never lands on the correct place on first try.
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    @Lensflare Yes. I am an Android fanboy that’s why I have an iPhone.

    And you are not an Apple fanboy? Sure as hell you are. Which is not a bad thing. But you judged me, so I am judging back. (Whatever the fuck that means.)
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    I don't know what you mean with the curser bug.
    When you tap on the text field, it lands before or after a word. Then you tap once more and it lands in the spot in the middle of the word where you tapped.

    Or you can tap the space bar and hold it for a second and then drag your finger over the whole screen and the cursor will move alongside with your finger.

    Is there something I am missing which is buggy here?
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    @Lensflare How is this good UX that I have to tap twice just to place a cursor when it should just place itself there on the first try?
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    @Cyanide well that's subjective. And I even do agree that it should do that on the first tap. But that's certainly not a bug.
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    @Lensflare Never said that IT was a bug. I said that IT’S just fucking irritating.

    Regarding bugs, I mentioned one above.
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    @Lensflare As for tapping not making the cursor go to the desired place, I wasn’t referring to beginning/ends of words; that’s actually really nice and I appreciate the feature. (The tap twice to position it with a word, however, doesn’t appear to work for me.) however, the behavior I was referring to is that sometimes the cursor goes up or down one to two lines. It often continues doing this until I move the cursor some distance away and try again. Annoying.

    Also, in small edit fields, dragging the cursor results in it often going to the beginning or end of the text. In such a situation, scrolling and tapping seems to send it to an arbitrary location, too.

    Definitely bugs.
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    @Root kk I'm not sure I ever noticed it conciously
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    @Root Yes. This. Very very irritating. A small thing like placing a cursor should just work as expected. But it doesn’t.
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