“Judge a man not by how he themes his editor, but by how he writes his commit messages.”

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    Hey, don't judge me.
    That shit had to be committed fast and nobody really reads my bulk-commit messages anyways...
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    @Oktokolo if you put that in a commit message, judgement may be spared.
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    It is part of the standard disclaimer i always put on the last page of my commit messages.
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    "Let he that doth prepend his issue numbers be cast down into the fires of hell. Yae for thou hath missed the most critical of truths: thine references are read from the commit message as a whole. Verily and thusly thy body lies barren and a thy subject line is anathema."
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    @SortOfTested “Lo and behold the wailing and gnashing of teeth for those who only write “update” in their message. They shall look upon a pr denial with sorrow, as I reply “depart from me I know not what this is”
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    @Oktokolo It had to be commited fast, or else your machine exploded?
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    Writing 20 lines of commit in a repo that nobody's forked nor starred
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