Microsoft: devs software blocking configurable by parents in Microsoft families.

Me: since I know this has to be coded in explorer.exe while it is running the desktop, LET'S JUST CLOSE THE DESKTOP AND OPEN A SOFTWARE THAT HAS BEEN BLOCKED BY MY DAD!

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    Parental control isn't meant to be unbreakable. It is meant to be really difficult to break. So difficult and lengthy that unless your dad flies off the hook and blocks everything except two select programs (neither of which is the browser) or you're an expert, it really isn't worth it to break it.
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    Once you know how to circumvent it, you're old enough to use the programs you want
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    @electrineer I think parental control < parental guidance. It's like keeping the kid away from the stove instead of teaching the dangers. Later one will work the minute you are on the phone the first one will burn your kid alive if it goes really wrong.

    Kids have always been savvy in circumventing things and exploring boundaries. If they succeed it does not mean they are necessarily prepared for the consequences. You can probably remember a few of those instances yourself. If not look at the age covid-19 is spreading the most despite government controls.
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    that's not even really how that works. It's a separate process (I forget the name, i'll leave that exercise to you) and can just be ended and then you can resume.
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    @hjk101 I agree. I myself have been raised to think for myself as opposed to obeying rules someone else has set.

    By the time the child knows about explorer.exe, they should know that the internet can burn their body parts and eyes.
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