"Technology makes what was once impossible possible. Design makes it real." - Michael Gagliano

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    We get it, randomquote. We are the lowly insects and must submit to the holy designer gods
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    Designers like to take credit for backend functionality by “just adding a button” for it, and complaining how many hours their perfect, obscure, and abstract layout took them.

    Good fucking job. Meanwhile, I was worried about server uptime not falling below 99.995, deprecating old API versions, data migrations, nonsensical client demands, architecture, our load balancers and infra, and making al those random fucking apis you demanded during your redesign without resorting to GraphQL.

    Yeah, good job adding that button and moving some divs around. And confusing the living fuck out of our poor users AGAIN.
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    randomquote, it’s time for you to join designRant
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    From a consumer's perspective, (visual) design makes it real.

    Sometimes quotes are lackluster, frankly.
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    @Root Every role is equally important in product development lifecycle and everyone makes mistakes and deals with problems which other people don’t quite grasp.

    I haven’t seen successful product with one of the roles lacking behind.
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    @yehaaw You must be new here.

    I don’t hate on other roles. I hate on people, and usually it’s idiots and self-important people who do their job terribly.

    I’ve done everything except dev ops, and am perfectly capable performing well in all of those roles, including management. (I’m only okay at design.) So when I see someone doing a terrible job and pontificating about how great they are, it makes me angry. This is especially true with designers, as I know I’m not a great designer and can probably still do their job decently. I’ve also seen more designers trash talking devs than anyone else — including management. It makes me absolutely livid when they go on and on about how difficult (and beautiful!) a redesign is, and completely ignore or crap on all of the challenges of the other roles. And with these people, they often can’t understand something they can’t see, and often can’t understand code, so backend? Either it’s arcane wizardry, or — much more likely a view from a person like this — just clicking some buttons on some UI.

    No, designers like that piss me off.
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    Also, I have found backend to be the most consistently stressful dev role, with frontend coming in second.

    The least? Designer.
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    Nobody here hates designers, but lately there’s been quite a few quotes from mr randomquote about how designers are the gods of Olympus and we’re the crawling dead from hades pushing rocks for them. They’re two different skillsets, both of which are important
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    @Root Alright, I don’t know you well and made an assumption. Sorry for that.

    BTW, you’re totally right.
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    Gagliano, gag on my balls
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