What is some career advice you've received, potentially from someone you respected at the time, that has since turned out to be complete and utter bullshit?

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    I'll start. I was once told by a recruiter I respected (funniest part of the comment, I swear) that told me that the domain name in your email address matters and that you shouldn't use GMail because it looks unprofessional.

    Nobody worth working for gives a shit about which email service you use. Except for maybe hotmail or yahoo. Certainly not GMail.
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    Having a xing or linkedin or whatever business social portal account.
    And facebook.
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    @Lensflare Xing is a joke and LinkedIn is a snake oil market. Totally agreed. Neither have helped me in my career lol.
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    @Lensflare @junon my last job and current job came about because of linkedin recruiters. Regardless of how small the chance of getting a job on the platform, no-chance is still worse.
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    @gibus Yes, right. But the advice that they're somehow required or mandatory to have, or that you're going to be looked upon disfavorably because you don't have it or something like that is, just blatantly false.
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    In the beginning of my career a colleague told me I should pursue a career in management and not programming. Because in programming you will need to learn new stuff for the rest of your life and in management you make more money.
    Fuck that. I like learning and management is shit. Unfortunately it took me some years and shitty jobs/employers to find that out.
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    Working in a family business is better than working in a field you enjoy.
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    "Take it easy".
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    "In 5 years everyone will be using purely functional languages like Haskell for all new projects. OO languages like Java will be dead."

    --Nick in 2014
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