I wonder when there will be the first manufacturer to introduce the "cool" new notch design to normal screens. 🤔

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    Lol dont give any ideas or laptops might follow the suit.
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    FBI on the way.
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    Thanks, I hate this.
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    How to delete someone else's post?
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    Ok, I'm definitely gonna ask this question in an apple store very soon.
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    Great, now I have to wash my screen and bleach my eyes, thanks
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    @boopboop let's add a webcam or lamp there or some space for a little cactus 🤔

    But I bet manufacturers would come up with something like a single USB slot.

    It's still useless bullshit
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    Where's is camera, sensors? It isn't notch, it's stub.
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    Fake news!

    Its not about removing a piece of screen.

    Its about adding two.
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    @boopboop one day screen makers will not put anything in the notch. The notch is no longer needed, but we've done it this way for so long. We don't remember how to make notchless screens. So we just make them because that's how we remember it.

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    i am officialy irritated
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    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit....
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    @RantSomeWhere hopefully that idiot does not work at apple.
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    I get that people don’t like apple and their notch. That front camera, microphone, speaker, light sensor and antenna do have to go somewhere though. You get a lot more screen while also keeping those handy dandy features.

    Should there be a way to make all that happen and have it be a part of the display, they would build it.
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    Why does the screen need to take up the entire length of the screen anyway? Why can't we have a bezel. There's literally nothing wrong with how phones are currently made so that there's the black bars at the top and bottom.

    Fuck phone manufacturers...
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    Well guess I'm not sleeping tonight... This will haunt the fuck out of me...
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    I don't get why everyone hates on that notch. To me it seems like a great idea to save some space and make windows have more space on the screen.
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    @host127001 How does it give you more space?
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    @filthyranter on smartphones the black statusbar at the top disapears, since the icons can be placed next to the notch.
    on a computer maybe the taskbar or windows titlebar could go there
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    @host127001 Imagine fullscreen mode. Less space, screen not centered.
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    @filthyranter what do you mean by less space in fullscreen? As far as I understand it, your maximized window is always in fullscreen and screen segments next to the notch simply add some additional screenspace for some statusinformation
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    @RiderExMachina i like the „no bezel“ designs - where ever I see a big bezel that’s not there because it’s a chunky device from CAT or something like a toughbook, I think of it as wasted space.

    It’s preference to some extent but it’s also more efficient. The smaller the bezel and bigger the display inside the device - the more lightweight and even handier a device like a smartphone can be
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    @Nebuchadnezzar i just don’t like the mindless bashing :D it’s nonsensical
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    It's a bad bad bad, idea! 😱
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    But just think, that leaves room to add a handle!

    ...aaaand we're back in the 90s.
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    How soon can we expect a notch under the notch?
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