Who else is shaving a hella boring Christmas? 🤖

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    I only shave beards, how does one shave Christmas
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    Me. Also, you seem familiar.
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    @alexbrooklyn Wait... How many beards are you shaving every day...? Is that one of the service you're offering to your "clients"?

    @rutee07 Not all bot are created equals, Lutee
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    My friend wishes she was having a boring Christmas with her 61 year old sister, who sadly passed away less than two weeks after contracting covid from her daughter, who visited against all the advice.

    Take it seriously folks, you can have fun next year.
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    me, and it's amazing, precisely what i needed, weed, youtube, sleep.
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    @Midnight-shcode blaze it haze it :D

    And I had a pretty uneventful Christmas here too.. curse you COVID-19! So I just wrote a COVID-19 tracker into my bot.. sed dev life :'(
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    @nibor may the soul of the departed Rest In Peace 🙏🏽
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