WFH!! // worst
I've been social distancing myself from everyone, I don't even know how to properly function amongst people anymore o.O
I have a meeting at the office today, I'm so anxious as if I'm applying for a job there..in a field I've never worked on..flying there with a choper for the first time, me flying it of course.. naked & already on fire o.O Oh & I'm also wearing sweatpants as nothing else fits anymore..yaaaay.... Can't wait.. :/

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    Why do you have a meeting at the office?
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    Best/worst dream of 2020?
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    @iiii Cuz the bars are closed?! 🤔
    We're working on some major feature and skype/slack/email/conf calls are fucked..or we just suck at these coms.. xD Anyway, boss wanted to meet up in person to overview what was done and to discuss what still needs to be done and how.
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    @electrineer Huh? //sry, my brain is fried for today..
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