I’m dealing with the worst client I’ve ever had. The project has gone on for way longer than it should, mainly because of them adding a tonne of features to the scope. I should have told them to fuck off but I felt sorry for them because COVID was hitting them hard. So I put in a lot of extra unpaid work to try and get them through it and now they repay me by asking for a refund because they’re now broke?

They blame me for their now being broke when it’s clear they’re broke because of COVID absolutely decimating the restaurant industry. They say that because it took so long to add all those extra unlaid features it’s now my fault?

All this just as I’ve finished the app and am going through the process of releasing it to the stores. I’m probably going to have to take them to court to even get my pay out of them... Thats if they even have money to pay now.

I’ve spent all year trying to get this app out the door only for them to turn around and start abusing me on the phone when things start going down hill for them.

This whole project has been a complete waste of time when I could have been focusing on clients that don’t treat me like shit.

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    When dealing with clients.
    - 50% downpayment
    - create contract and scope of work. Do it in sprints and set deadlines.
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    @Devnergy yeah absolutely. I’ve learned my lesson now not to do anything other than sprints. I usually do sprint based contracts but they demanded a milestone based contract instead and I was foolish enough to do it... It’s my own fault really.

    They did pay 50% upfront and now they somehow think they have the right to demand it refunded just because the work took longer than expected.
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    Well, this is a hard lesson that every developer should get. This is business and this is about money. So no work for free, ignore friendly words and taps on back, you will be discarded like a trash the moment they find someone cheaper or faster.
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    @daeda You need to set the deadline and not them. If they want a 3 month deadline then estimate all the functionalities needed. If all functionalities(example 10 functionalities) will not be completed in that 3 month period then propose only in the SOW (Scope of Work) that say 7 functionalities can only be finished in that 3 months timeline.

    Also, it will either be project based contract or hourly based. The faster the deadline, the more expensive you must demand.

    Do you know the project management triangle?
    Open this link:
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