Best : I moved on from Dev to SecOps and got a well paid job in a small company closer to my home. With three office dogs.
Really, the dogs are the main thing there. The money is just an additional benefit.

Worst : my Dev life keeps getting less and less relevant for me. In the last two years, I started volunteering a lot (local volunteer fire department and then some), investing into several side businesses that start paying off now, generally doing as much non-dev stuff as possible.
I wanted to do this since I was a kid, I'm good at it, but I keep finding other things to do, because they're more interesting and more of a challenge.
Honestly, the one thing that keeps me in IT is sunk cost fallacy.
Hell, I'm thinking about becoming a paramedic or something, at least I'll be helping people instead of entertaining managers.

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    Reasonable. We don’t be scared to switch jobs - I think having done various jobs in life is a huge benefit! If nothing else - it really gives you a sense of variation and gives you some cool stories. 🙂 It’s always cool when people tell you they used to do something completely different earlier in life
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    But if you find your IT job feels meaningless and doesn’t help people - maybe try switching to a different company, before ditching the field. I find my dev job very meaningful.
    I’m driven by improving things. I feel like paramedics do a good job and I’m not sure what I would do differently - but in development I know many areas I wanna improve.

    And by developing I can reach many people and improve their day to day experience.
    If I was a paramedic I would only reach a limited amount of people.
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    @jiraTicket I get what you're trying to say... I'm already working for a company that does a lot of good, that's pretty much a requirement for me to work for someone in the first place.

    I've picked up the interest in emergency medicine in my First Responder training for our volunteer fire department... And I kinda liked it.

    I'm going to take a longer vacation and get an internship on an ambulance to get some practical experience as a First Responder anyway, once this damn pandemic is over. I'll pick up some skills and maybe a job offer.

    Maybe I'll take it.
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    @ilPinguino If that is what draws you, definately pursue it. First responders are essential (anybody that had ever needed one can attest to that) and few people feel the call to it. As a dev one can trudge along without much passion without much concequence, and likewise success can feel insignificant; and although we all hope that if we find our selves in a position to respond selflesly in an emergency, without training or some driving passion, it might not be the case. But since this responsibility falls onto first responders, that internal passion to act is essential imo. If you feel this, and choose to pursue it: thanks for choosing to accept this call for the benefit of us all! <3
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