Best: leaving an overly stressful job
Worst: not dev but coughing up nearly a litre of blood sucked pretty badly. Covid y'all.

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    Covid includes blood caughing? Maybe you had covid with some extra. Half this building has / had covid and they're jumping, singing and playing guitar. The sounds I hear even made me hate Mario bros. I only knew one guy that went down for five weeks but blood is the first time I've heard

    Great that you left that job
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    One of the complications is blood clots, I got some in my lungs and they caused lung damage, hence the bleeding. Not a fun experience, I was in ICU for 3 days. It's unusual, only the severe cases. And thanks!
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    @atheist I hope you'll get better.

    And yeah. That's the fun in covid. It's a russian roulette variant where the gun changes randomly, too.
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    Covid for me was pretty mild but included permanent lung damage, so I get fucking tired all the time now.

    Everyone else in my house also caught it, and had both milder symptoms and no lung damage.

    Luck of the draw, I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I still think the whole solitary confinement and mask orgy thing is mostly just a fearmongering charade, though.
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    @Root Yes. No.

    There is a lot of fearmongering going around, yes.

    But the thing is, that - if you think of it as a doomsday scenario - covid is still in it's infant stage. Teething atm with mutations, but still in it's infant stage. It's bad because it's unpredictable. Behaviour of people is unpredictable, too. Unpredictable squared is not a fun equation. Unpredictable explains in my opinion the trouble most people have - it's not empirical.

    I think it was in Italy where a covid case of two twin brothers - one extremely severe, other mild - left doctors clueless. :(

    But if people think that this is _as worse as it could get_. Hell no... It could get way worse.

    I dislike most of the current situation and I'm staying at home as I'd rather tend to stay away from the crazyness outside.

    I'll found the most effective way is just to stay the fuck away from people. Worked for a lot of things in my life. XD
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    @IntrusionCM I agree with the stuff you say. But emotions are a big deal these days. People shouting it's the wurst thing ever happened because his grandpa died. Terrible, but statistically just a number. Yh, covid could and will develop, but... It could be OK! We don't know. There's kinda a war between optimists & pessimists going on. I think people have different opinions with exactly the same knowledge about covid..

    I want business as usual back but I get the 'Egoist' word thrown at my head when I say. OK. Fine. Don't care about the empty words anymore. They used to have a meaning.

    Fucking covid. Fucking people.
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    @rooter I'm both. I can be extremely emotional, but my primary psychological trait is pure rationalism.

    My example of doomsday scenario was just an example. I'm not afraid or paranoid.

    Emotional... Hm. I think most people just found a fitting outlet for a long time of built up frustration with... Everything.

    (independent observation of any country in the world)

    Difference between history and now is, that those who do the fearmongering / inciting don't need to start eg a telephone chain.

    One tweet. Dozen letters. Done.

    Note that this is just an observation of mine and bears no personal opinion.

    Doomsday scenarios are btw something I'll come up with just for fun. ;) it wasn't being optimistic or pessimistic, it was just a rational conclusion - Corona could be, like any virus with a tendency to mutation, way worse.

    If it happens or not - I don't care.

    We're fucked anyway, humanity is excellent at killing itself.
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