"Write it down. You will lose thoughts, you thought, that you thought." - Vanessa Workoff

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    This is something I know I should do but end up never doing
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    One day I'll clear Temp files and my notepad++ new1-new45 will be lost to history.
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    @Deeyana If you're using Signal, there's a "Note to self" that works well for that exact purpose
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    You're a thot bot.
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    @rutee07 A HTB? A Hot Thot bot?

    "Damn, look at that HTB! Showing that motherboard to everyone"
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    Contrary to many other developers, my inner genius sometimes just springs up at the literal middle of the night and it says: “YOOOO DUDE I FOUND A SOLUTION”. If I can’t sleep (insomnia), then I literally type the idea quickly in my phone and get straight to work. If I’m too tired to work, I just write it.

    Please please please, for the love of everything that is holy, ARCHIVE YOUR IDEAS! It’s for your own damn good!
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