Some folks I cannot remember keep popping up with their 'i am back' posts and make me wonder: "should I know this lad? Was he here before me? Was he posting so little quality content that I didn't even notice him? Will I offend that person by saying idk who he is? Should I really care...?

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    You definitely shouldn't care, I also came back, did not know i had ti make a post about it (i won't)
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    come on @netikras we should create a welcomeing atmosphere here and not one where old timey devRanters are grumpy about new old faces. Just ignore it and be happy that devs still come here 4 years after despite devRant allready has had it's best days. 😊
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    @heyheni i agree. Still, they leave me confused.
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    "Welcome back! See you in the next rant :)"

    Just "I am back" or "year++" or whatever for that matter, they're all so low-quality IMO. If you got back after a while, at least tell us a bit about who, when and what you were before you left, to help people remember...

    Same goes for "I will leave" or whatever.. great, your choice. I went and came several times quietly. Nobody cared, not even me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I don't think they were really here before. probably some new way of starting conversations. unnecessary and weird to me
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    If you live long enough, it will be your turn one day. :-)
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