When I had to restart my entire progress on the devRant iOS rewrite because I had to switch from SwiftUI to UIKit.

It took me less than 3 weeks to come to the point in development where I abandoned SwiftUI. The app was already pretty fucking big but I managed to remake it completely in less than 3 weeks. It is my single most proudest achievement that I ever got. I didn’t give up and I powered through. I think it’s safe to assume that I am decent in iOS app development :D

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    We're bound to ask... What was the issue with SwiftUI that made you turn back?
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    What @K-Hole said. Also, as far as I’m aware, SwiftUI and UIKit are mix-and-matchable (correct me if I’m wrong), so why did you have to do a complete rewrite?
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    @100110111 You can write wrappers for it, yes, but if you wanted to use complex UIKit transitions you always had to completely bypass SwiftUI and access the underlying UIHostingController (this is a UIKit view controller that lets you insert SwiftUI Views in it), which is literally defeating the purpose of SwiftUI. When I had to abandon my project, almost half of my code was UIKit. The time and effort that it would take to maintain the fucking code is not worth it in the slightest.
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    @OmerFlame this was an amazingly wise decision of yours. I proudly declare that you, my friend, are a real engineer. Looks like you wasn’t wasting time there experimenting with oscilloscopes.
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    @kiki I really wish that SwiftUI would actually be finished and would have FULL UIKit support because presentation transitions are never called D:
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    @OmerFlame I really really really like that logic of “I’ve chosen SwiftUI -> half of my UI is already UIKit -> I need to quit SwiftUI”. A lot, and I mean A LOT of my ex-colleagues who were at very high positions and of course were talking about themselves as an engineers never really made wise decisions like this solely because of their ego. Even if there is really a need to switch, they’re all like “I chose X, means we should use X no matter what”, that’s the mindset I see really often. This is why you’re a real engineer and they are not.
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    @kiki holy shit, I make better decisions.

    Damn. This is actually the first time that someone told me “you are an actual software engineer who makes better decisions than most of the industry”. That’s a serious shock to the system, really.

    Also, implementing interactive popovers, stock Apple transitions and weird bugs and glitches and crashes is actually WAAAAY easier than SwiftUI. I am staying and never leaving.
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