I really like the Material Design guidelines that Google has released with Android 5.0, and maybe, @dfox, you could make the status bar match a darker tint of the app's color, as this color is also used on the recents menu and on my keyboard, and it really (IMO) makes an app stand out.

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    @thmnmlst Why do you hate it? I love it. The best design guidelines i have ever seen.
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    material.io is nice to read, explaines Material Design really nicely
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    @thmnmlst none of the animations are unneeded they have all their purpose and they are all there because it makes sense and it is very pleasing to the eye and makes a good ui self-explanatory.
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    @thmnmlst here's a concept
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    And another prototype
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    And I must add, black bars are my worst nightmare as I've destroyed an S5's screen with them, because AMOLED Screens burn-in, and my S5 has a portion of the screen at the top which is more white than the rest of the screen.
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    @thmnmlst whoever thought of material design can go suck a chode, the colors are dull so i cant even ditstingush between the icons without reading the app names
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    Sure let's all use foundation because I like it more than bootstrap.

    But... but Data, Bootstrap is really nice I like it much more...

    Nah screw it. Some guys defined how everything should look like. Here take this as an example. Implement the stuff I like on the next update because, you know it's my preference! Also why not completely redesign the app to make it 100% meet the guidelines.

    Are you paying for that?

    Haha fuck no it's your damn job to please me!!!

    Oh wait we aren't arguing about that
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