A while back a co-worker of mine fucked up by leaving some debug code and pushing to production.
He quickly repaired it, redeployed and everything was good again before the customer experienced any issues.

Later that day, management showed up by his desk to ask what happened, how it happened and stating that he was not "angry enough" about his fuck up, long after it has been repaired.

Up to this day i regret not asking in what unit of measurement we could determine if we were angry enough; decibels? gray hairs? grams of shit in my underwear?

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    Most definitely grams of shit
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    @liammartens I think I'm going to have to renegotiate my contract if they want to measure that..
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    As XKCD once suggested, you could measure in terms of swearing such as the number of "wtf" per minutes.
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    You missed an opportunity. I will occasionally ask people how to determine how many things it takes to get to having more things than you can shake a stick at. Nobody has yet proposed useful guidelines.😗
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