"Some people want their paychecks and to go home, and that’s fine. You and me, though—we’re gonna work harder than they do. We’ll build things that ensure that entire populations just setting foot on the web for the first time can tap into the collected knowledge of the whole of mankind." - Mat Marquis

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    And not be compensated accordingly, but instead worked to the bone and discarded like trash.

    If you have energy and motivation to spare, never give them away for free. Pour them into your aspirations instead and make something great.
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    Imagine if Linus Torvalds put his time in at some employer instead of making Freax (now Linux). Where would the world be?
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    We would all be using unix instead, as we gaze at our EGA monitors, our computers pieced together from the remnants of society's excesses, wondering how long we can survive on scavenged food and wet toilet paper, and how it all went so horribly wrong. If only they'd never set the dotcom bomb off.
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    Never even heard of the guy but after looking him up he seems like a total douche
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    Like he’d be the guy who would pour a glass of champagne before showing you his collection of fencing swords. I bet he has a secret hideout behind a Greek goddess statue or some shit
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    @d-fanelli Apart from the champagne, that sounds kind of awesome. I want a secret hideout behind a statue of Artemis and a collection of swords.
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    And what do the majority of people with internet access do? Use it to scream abuse at complete strangers who don’t share the same opinions as them and share dumb virtual signalling memes that are utterly pointless.
    Think I’ll stick with my paycheque.
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