Pair programming is the act of letting other drive you around the town while you're sleeping!

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    As someone who likes being alone, pair programming sounds like pure hell
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    I've never enjoyed pair programming, I don't like other people driving me around either.
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    Pair programming can work very well when there is a defined reason for doing so.

    My teammates and I occasionally pair (or group) code when one of us has completed a task that another has to do for another client but with some customizations.

    It's a great way to share knowledge in a practical setting.

    But, doing it all the time?

    No, thank you.
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    You are 50% correct :) there is a driver, but instead of sleeping, the other person takes the role as the navigator.

    One does the manual labor of typing (coding), the other does the thinking (problem solving).

    These roles are switched every 15-30 minutes.
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    Pair programming is great when there's a tricky bug/issue/situation you need to solve, and you've got people at the same level as you, who you trust, and you're happy to work on it together. For that, it's fantastic.

    For general work, a complete no no in my book. Takes up twice the manpower for no real gain, and often ends up with people arguing over needless crap.
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    "Tabs should be 2 spaces"
    "No, Tabs should be 4 spaces"
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    @JustThat Hopefully that sort of stuff is addressed in a style guide. But yeah, things like "we should do this functionally Vs imperatively" discussions come up all the time. If you're doing pp fixing a critical issue though, no-one cares about that sort of thing so those problems don't tend to arise as often.
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