At work, me and my guys don't say "you have my attention" we say "you have my erection"

Yeah, its juvenile, and in poor taste, but to us its fricking hilarious.

Anyway, at any meeting when someone says "attention please" we always start giggling like fucking morons.

We basically substituted the word "attention" for "erection" and the only thing that we fear is using it in public. My guys seldom have to speak in public, I do most of the talking as their manager.

It falls on me to not say it at the wrong place, and the wrong time.

That is not reassuring to me. But I wonder how much longer can I keep going without messing that one up.

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    I was scrolling through when this post caught my erection. Give it back.
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    *Oh honey, you're giving me a raging attention...!*

    PS: Had something similar few years ago back in school. Didn't last long until I said it to someone I shouldn't have :D
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    Here we don't need to swap words.
    Compile (compila) sounds like "with dick" (com pila)

    So we love to scream to the others "O programa compila!" (The program with dick!)
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    Aww, this thread has so little attention.
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    @Jilano No one is safe
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    @pmso I love it
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    @iamai thanks for giving it some attention! :P
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    Growing up us lame. Enjoy being childish af
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    "you have my erection"


    "oh nononono, full homo"
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    In one of my chats we have something similar going on, almost a dialect of its own at this point :)

    "elo sar can i are hab kramel soz, am coompile hard aaaa 😩"

    It's silly but in an age where free speech is eroded every day, I really enjoy it :3
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    *Tf2 Engie voice:* Attracting a dispenser!
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    As a manager he likes all the attention
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    @Condor i dig it. One thing that my cms admin and I like to do is go "miiiii miii" and "sing" songs replacing the words with "mii" in a squeaky voice. HOD walked on us doing it one time. He stood in silence by the door and waited for us to finish.
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