Can we say that "a basic website is a type of app that serves documents", implying a website is more specific than an app, and the most common type of data served is in the form of a document (html, pdf, json, xml).

I'm trying to see how this argument does for/against flat-file cms'es in specific/ general cases per type of app/ website.

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    A website is traditionally and specifically a collection of hypertext files at a static, addressable endpoint.

    Serving documents generically is accomplished by things that are not websites, like ftp, directory listings, bbses, irc bots, etc.
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    I think what constitutes 'basic' is going to vary a lot from person to person.

    For me, it means it is static: it doesn't maintain state on or for its users, nor supplies webpages that rely upon dynamically fetched content. I'd go further, even, and say that everything would still work client-side with javascript disabled.

    This still allows room for things like switching on Accept-Language, for example.
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