Flash is already dead. Has been for years. Can every news outlet please stop reporting its demise as anything more than a vague curiosity?!

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    It died with Internet Explorer
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    I'm just excited to see how long it will take flash game developers to port it to another platform.
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    There is, was and ever will be but ONE true platform.

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    Yeee all of my non-dev friends are crying about it. I tried telling them "do you even know when's the last time your computer actually used Flash? Everything's now in HTML 5. We've got things that are waaay better than Flash with the new browser API's like WebRTC and even WebAssembly!". And that's when they stopped listening. But I've also found pages that still rely on Flash to play their videos.
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    Nice 'not listening' stand off you're describing.
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    What madman would want to forge new content in Flash but for art reasons?
    Flash veterans maybe. Who thus 'd be artists.

    Wanting an intro to your website is a meme. At least since the skip button came to fame.

    One might miss the associated culture around and good old times with Flash, yes.
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