I created a my portfolio using ReactJS and actually open sourced the whole thing. Within just a few weeks, its got 67 stars, 38 forks, 3 watches, 1 issue, 1 pull request, and so on.
People out of nowhere messaged me in my whatsapp, skype, facebook to help them in React.
People out of nowhere wanted to hire me, even though I'm still working in a company.
People out of nowhere messaged me just to tell me, how much they liked my work and appreciated it for open sourcing it.
It felt awesome! Like, I can't explain how amazing it felt! ^_^

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    woah! dream come true 😲
    post it here to get some more stars 😉
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    @heyheni I really want to. But I also wanna be anonymous here. So that I can be the true-(STUPIDest)-self here in devrant :D :P
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    Congratulations! Wow that’s amazing.
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    I wonder what I'm doing wrong !

    10 years ago, opened source a project, no forks, with the occasional bit of advice given as to what I should do, and that's it !

    No job offers..

    So.. what do you think you did right ?

    ( Also wonders if anyone else can say what they did right too.. )

    Did you have previous completed projects to show folk your ability level ?
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    @Nanos repo link? I can think of many reasons
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    I also wanna be anonymous here :-)

    A list of things not to do would be helpful, as well as a list of, things to do.
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    I can't say that I have the PERFECT standards for open source projects. But here's a few things that I have done:

    * Screenshot of the app/portfolio in the readme

    * Used Badges

    * Wrote how to use it

    * Wrote how to fork and how to publish it as their own

    * Easy to follow readme

    I guess, that's it
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