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Whitehat Whitehat Whitehat

What is this????
When I attended my first white hat jr online free trial class, I got to know that the teachers does not know the difference between java and javascript. Infact they were saying blockly as javascript. I was knowing the difference between the same. There were 3 types of courses -

***Note : - This information is taken from the whitehat official website***

1.) Introduction to Coding :-

Sequence, Fundamentals Coding Blocks, Loops
(Teach us to drag and drop blocks of code.org(blockly))

2.) App Developer Certificate:-

Events / UI,Conditionals, Complex Loop, Logic Structures, Turtle Coding
(Advanced drag and drop(blockly))

3.) Advance Coding with Space Tech -

Extended UI/UX, Rich GUI app, Space Tech simulation in Space Lab / Game Lab, Professional Game Design.
(GUI - with tkinter(python), Game Design - Blockly(code.org))

These things are rubbish ......making GUI's is simplest with tkinter and the students who make games (with code.org) submit their codes to the whitehat community (because the teacher says "they will compile it to an android app, then you can publish it to playstore" --- this is for 1% students who are able to design their own games).

The thing whitehat do with code given by 1% best students:-

Export to HTML from code.org
Download HTML to APK Convertor
Setup SDK
Successfully converted to APK!
Publish it to Whitehat Jr console account
Credits of the students
Income of the exporters

Rest all students will only think to be the CEO of google one day.

My Opinion - StackOverflow, Unity for Game Development, Android Studio, Dart, Flutter and Kivy (using google colab for compiling the python code to an apk) for app development and Flask, HTML, CSS for web development.

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    How old are you? their curriculum is for kids.
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    Good lord those price tags :O

    1.4k USD for a "App Developer Certificate" by a random website. I guess that cert is as valuable as a Happy Meal Toy at release day.
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    Hasn’t it been widely established that WhitehatJr is just yet another big scam to deprive kids’ parents from money for nothing of value?
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    why are you obsessed with a scam dressed as a "block coding class". They price a class at $229 a month and set the course to be 18 months long(which is absolutely absurd for even a normal class) which comes out to about $4200 to learn the most simplistic off-brand programming.
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    My 9 yr old daughter took a free class, was done in 10 mins as she is familiar with block code editor. Finds them to be stupid. I also have shown how code looks like and runs.

    Their sales called to tell me she can be CEO CTO what not. I asked them to give full scholarship then. Call dropped.

    Need to record these conversations, they are fun
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    Try the 10+ clas. That has some real curriculum that us not block coding it seems
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