I am learning the job "Developer". I have to go to a school, where my classmades think, developing a application is easy AS playing computer games. I call the guys stupid. Is that right?

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    Developing anything is easy as long as you know which functions to use, wich functions to avoid, keepin in mind that you dont create spaghetticode when you add another function that maybe shoudve been placed somewhere else. Oh yeah, make sure that your class inheritance tree looks good to make it more easily maintainable, all while the code should be readable and understandable by other devs. Programming is easy in the form that driving a car is easy. It isnt, but once you get the hang of it, it will come naturally.
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    I think naive is a better term.
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    Well, I suck at pc games, but normally coding (I mean coding good, not noodle) is REALLY hard...
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    I dunno. There are some pretty difficult video games... ;)
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    @ppayter flappy birds FTW
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    I am learning the job Ninja so I can dual wield.
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    "I don't want to study maths, I just want to make videogames"
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