Not goals. More like dream...

... To get into that one uni that I actually want for phd.

I have gotten so spoiled playing with robots and neural networks, that I can't even imagine falling that badly from grace to go back to... web development. Like I'm not looking down on it, it's just that I found my passion and there is not enough jobs available out there for me without going through phd or high-end research.

... And I honestly don't have a backup plan. There are choices, but I don't like any of them. So here goes hoping they accept me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    PS: I'll do the "looking down"! @C0D4 👀

    PS2: There's no emoji looking down so I had to settle for that one
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    Have you already done a MSc/MSci in AI? If not, you will have a backup plan (although not as deep as a PhD but still a worthwhile thing to do).
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    @Berkmann18 finishing msc soon.
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    @Jilano 😔

    @NoMad you can do it, then I can look up at you 🙃

    Ok that emoji throws a twist onto things.
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    When people talk shit about “web development” I’m always wondering if they mean like design and Wordpress kinda shit or app development. The complex shit I have to deal with at an app development company, I’d rather exercise a phds worth of mathematical and computational ability then to have to keep up with what I do now. Nothing remains still in web development. SPA frameworks, micro architecture with ever changing architectural approaches, constant rising and falling of frameworks and now the vast amount of cloud computing services alongside kubernetes. There’s no PHD that could prepare anyone for the shit we have to deal with in this age of web dev.
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    @C0D4 It does!
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