Hi everyone well we quit gg scripting cause we figured out lua can be converted to cpp for memory searches! we all know lua and know how to convert it to cpp but for the gui
How do i learn java?

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    Why does Java have to make your GUI?
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    To start off, try looking into brainfuck

    I do all GUI in braonfuck
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    Why on Earth would you do GUI in Java?
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    What the actual fuck?
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    Just compile source code with javac and run .class with java.
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    I'm so confused I'm flagging for clarification.
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    Im guessing hes making an android app with lua based on his previous rant
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    nope sorry andlua is an api used for making tools like mod menus Java + Lua it has things like
    import android os nd stuff
    also has activity.whatever and stuff heres a link to somethig related to andlua

    basically we use game guardian to find our values then put it in a script > convert to C++ for andlua

    video: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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