!Rant - I'm looking for some advice 🤔

So this kid he's 13 interested in building cool things programming etc hasn't had any real start in it.

So I'm like ! Great! 🤔

Another programmer in this world would be lovely ... Before I used to take this approach of, you should do ... This.

Now I'm taking the approach, well what do you like what interests you 🤔 what do you find yourself needing?

Effectively trying to find an in, Into what might drive him to keep with it.

I find people get to ... Uninterested in it. Fast. I've literally had 10-20 people go 🤔 I would like to find out more I really like this etc .

But most don't stick with it I feel because I suggest they make this start and they aren't interested in.... That specifically even though it's a steeping stone

Normally I suggest html CSS right. It's a simple easy thing to learn

Then JavaScript then ... Another language like c# and move to c++ etc.

It's not what I did but I think it's... A smoother transition then my c# start then dropping to c++ then web

So opinions ? Is this the right move 🤔 he has this project in mind now. This app. Which I said could be built in html CSS really if he wanted to. Or though I suggested looking at some native stuff to, then pick.

I've left it open said he can ask anytime. I sent him codeacademy fyi

I told him to get this app to 😂 so might be on here

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    I'm still a recent Programmer but in my case I started with java actually, than c++ (not a very good transition). Then basic web, then JS and now basically was Android and react native and C# XP
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    I dont think there's a gold rule for how to get started. I'm a firm believer in if you really want to learn it you can do it in whatever way you (the kid) finds it most interesting or most comfortable
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    From someone who has studied how to teach peeps programming. That is a very good approach.

    I would suggest depending on the age of the person actually starting them in a more *powerful* language something like java, python, c# even.

    Becuase i find that people who start with say html/css dont build the right logical thinking skills off the bat. NOT saying that you dont need them to do thoses things but the *programming* mindset is i belive better taught with a more solid language.

    But that advice is irrelivant if the person wants to make websites of course.
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    Get the kid an arduino kit. That would get me so stoked.
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    @chzbgr that really wouldn't be a bad idea it fits one of his ideas 🤔
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    @FitzSuperUser you can do some cool home automation stuff that isn't too hard and loads of tuts online
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    Yeah, I never really understood the idea behind progressing through languages...really, just start with whatever. Most tutorials on YouTube assume no previous knowledge of programming, so they 'dumb' it down
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    I started with Lego Mindstorms (which are quite expensive I know) because they let you see immediate results. And once you have mastered one, you get another one. And at this point the GUI is just not suited for your needs anymore. So you switch to NXC. And thus you come from Lego to C. And then you can go fully abstract.
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