A client literally just told us "I don't wanna be telling you what I want / require / need. I just want you to give me the best you got."

Like wtf.

The worst thing is they've got but loads of money so we really have to take them serious. They were born rich and probably had a servant as a child who did everything for them without them asking to, and they'll continue to get away with it because they'll continue to be rich and there'll be people like us trying to kiss their ass for some of that money. I hate myself for doing it. They want a system to basically spy on their customers, and I'm a huge advocate of privacy, but I'll still do it for the money. Fuck this world.

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    Reduce the interactions between them and you are in a heaven.
    If you have a clear knowledge of their intentions then just start working on making the product, take all the decisions by yourself, release the product and then only let them know. They can't ask for lesser time if they don't clarify the requirements clearly

    If they likey they give more money. If they no likey, you will have another fully salaried month of developing a different variation.

    I wonder why the shittiest laziest people ends up with the biggest sack of money. i too had a client who wanted me to make the product just by the vague-est of the requirements
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    Yeah. Sounds like an opportunity to do what you want without time pressure and being paid well.
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    Aside from the somewhat ethical dilemma of what you're asked to write, it sounds quite good to have a wealthy client: seems like they'll just keep throwing money at you as long as they're happy.
    But yeah, always fun those people on their towers
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    Privacy first.
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    As an expert it's your role and yours alone in society to ensure that you don't harm users, no matter how much money you miss out on because of it. In a better world there would be developer groups and unions that expel members for privacy breaches, but in abscence of these we're left with our morals to motivate us.
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    @homo-lorens yeah it's sad that there's no controlling organ. Probably because most big tech companies have become rich because of the lack of it
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    @NEMESISprj Even if there were, such an organization could only consist of experts, be formed by experts, funded and sustained by experts and enacting its regulations on experts in the form of certifications or withdrawals thereof. No successful standards organization can rely on the support of governments and companies for its mere existence, only for projects that said governments and companies are incentivised to sustain.
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