Have you returned back to the light side, Padawan?

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    What do you mean? I never started using JavaScript...
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    I have failed you obi wan...I’ve yet to become a mongo db master but the dark side has cookies
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    Everything is a dark side
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    @iiii Well maybe if you'd stop looking at people's arseholes all day...
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    @Jilano man... we talked about this, you have a mighty fine ass!
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    So that’s where Siths get their force from? Did Vader always stare up palpatine’s ass before fighting Iuke?
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    @C0D4 Aww, thanks! I've been doing squats for quite some time, now, glad you've noticed!
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    @d-fanelli yeah and it's extra powerful when Palpatine uses "the force"
    It's also where the term "death star" came from.
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