These meatballs need a little more time...(BURNS HAND)..😱. What happens when you test food baked from a broken microwave. I went from the frozen tundra of the meatball to the fiery desert, and I only had to move an inch lol. Glad to be a single male so I can get drunk (not all the time, I stay fit) and microwave meatballs in my boxers without a care in the world

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    Microwaves are not distributed evenly which is why most have a turn table and also they only penetrate about an inch into anything so if you have a pile of meatballs they can block the waves from reaching all of them.

    And finally, frozen water it less affected by microwaves which means that the balks that thaw first will then go on to absorb more of the waves heating up faster.

    All if this combined can create frozen and steaming islands within the same plate which is why the thawing setting uses low effect or rather shorter bursts of waves with a pause to let the generated heat spread out more evenly over a longer time so that all of the food thaw at the same time.

    For denser food I often run the owen on half or less effect for 2-5 minutes instead of 2 minutes on full to avoid burned or dried parts.

    And for frozen stuff, unless its going to turn into liquid and thereby distribute the heat I use the lowest setting and 10-15 minutes.
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    @Voxera professional microwave user
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    @electrineer I would say typical engineer approach. Understand how things work, use that knowledge for effect. I do the same or even just use a pan on frozen food because that is more effective and often faster with frozen blocks like soup.

    Never used the oven for it; have a combo now so that's a good one thanks @Voxera
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    @electrineer not really, just read a very good description by Randal Munroe about how they work together with some own experience. :)
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    You can microwave meatballs IN YOUR BOXERS?!

    Wow! That's a super invention.

    Wait. No, it isn't. I would not want to microwave my meatballs in my boxers.
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    @JustThat yes, that sounds like a very bad and painful thing to do, luckily most microwaves require you to close the door to protect against injury :P
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    @Voxera So I take it you also have the thing explainer. I love it, nice drawings very solid explanations.

    I actually used your comment to prove to my girlfriend I'm not weird. Now she just thinks there is a subculture of weirdos and it's cute...
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    @hjk101 My daughter got the book for Christmas a few years ago yes :)
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    I've switched to using oven for almost everything. Microwave just isn't doing it.
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