So let's say I kinda came up with a pattern/architecture for Unity scripting which I find really useful and elegant.
It uses some features which are quite new, and I can't find anything similar on Google. So I suspect I might actually have invented something new.
What should I do?

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    Find some good unity devs
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    Curious about that, although I wouldn't hold high hopes of actually being able to hold a patent over a programming pattern. What if someone else comes up with the same thing on their own?
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    @kamen ok no, of course I'm not thinking about patents or anything. I'm just curious myself about what someone does in a situation like this: I suppose some grizzled veterans here on devRant may have suggestions on what's the best course of action :)
    At the moment I'm field testing the idea by using it in a personal project of mine, and I'm having good results even though I know very well that until late development/manteinance I won't know for sure if the advantages are going to hold.
    If that's the case, I will keeping using it for my business but i feel it would be right to somehow share the pattern with the dev community
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    @Ten91 Add it to your blog part on your website explaining how it works. If it is quality it would benefit in any way. if it is wrong the comments will tell you and you can delete it. or make a 2.0 version
    and if it is really good.. make a plugin and youtube video and let people pay for it.
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    Make a medium post, give it a clickbait title and watch everyone scream at you 😁
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    Post it here, or a link to a blog post, and maybe get some others to have a look before investing a lot of effort? 😄 Im quite curious myself tbh 😉
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