Holy shit. Didn't know I had to vent this out before I had revisited this shit.


Back in May last year, I started working on a dream project (call project X) of mine. Surprisingly it's still a novel idea and shit like this doesn't exist. Made some huge incremental changes. Added all the necessary automation pipeline stuff. Added some sick ass readme with screenshots/badges/glitz/glam.

Worked my ass of for about a month or so until I got distracted by other pending projects in need of clearances. Somewhere partway in that clearance period, I receive a mail from this "GitHub user" asking me why the development of project X had suddenly stopped.

I was a bit taken aback. Firstly because my project had ZERO stars and NO user interaction. Secondly because I hadn't encountered someone with confrontation like this since my middle-school teacher asking me for my homework.

Being the good, responsible child I am, I informed them on my situation and asked them to contribute according to the guidelines and I'd be more than happy to see this becoming a joint effort by the community.

Apparently, they were quite ecstatic to learn that my development was halted. They didn't have plans to contribute. Instead they wanted me to take down the project and stop working on it entirely.

Tough luck fucko.

Their organization had been working on something similar for longer than a couple of years. A similar open-sourced project will *apparently* ruin their market impact and I can *apparently* be sued for it.

I don't know much about open-source "laws" (and I've seen laws fuck people over) but this just seems retarded. At the moment, I'm not quite sure how to continue with the project. I'll still work on it but the fact being that I started receiving threats before stars makes me question the gatekeeping capacity of toxic market conditions (I still don't blame the person entirely. It's just really hard to keep your head above the water)

This is a one off thing but somehow it has definitely hampered my drive to work on the project (combined with the sheer amount of pending project that I've dug my grave with).

On the brighter side I've got 10 anonymous stars with zero promotion. 2 new message threads with productive insights and a person who says "I'm relying on this to work out". So not everything has gone to shit.

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    Don't mind me, I'm just a dot
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    First of all fuck that organization and their product. Second, If your project is under MIT you might want to change to something like GNU GPLv3. Just in case they use your work in their commercial product. Because, as I said, fuck'em.
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    Fuck. Firstly, decide on a good license so they don't steal your work. Secondly, github link?
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    @AvyChanna Sorry, won't be able to provide any info on that. I keep devRant and my personal accounts separate just in case.
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    > I can *apparently* be sued for it.

    No they cannot. They'd have no basis.

    "Hey they had a good idea too! That's not allowed!" doesn't fly in most respectable courts. This is exactly what competition is about (unless you're violating a patent, which I sincerely doubt they have).
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    The only way they have some basis is if they copyrighted and published it first or patented it before you published and you are somewhere where software patents hold value.

    Most likely they are to violate your stuff and you can fuck the shit out of them because of that shit pressuring move of them. Patent it yourself. Put a nice dual (one commercial) licence on it. Make some money from it so you can make it even better.

    All good things to you!!!
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