Y'know what.
Fuck all the political posts here,
and fuck all of you who see them as a opening to spout your counter arguments.

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    You can't censor me, if I want to challenge your views that's what I'm going to do
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    Step 1: press --
    Step 2: select not for me
    Step 3: refresh your feed
    Step 4: stop bitching like you can't easily hide the posts.
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    @Stuxnet "Hey, I tried but I can't seem to see your comment anymore! Where did you go?"
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    @Stuxnet posts aren't hidden just cause you downvote? wtf you talking about?
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    @12bitfloat What are you challenging exactly?
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    @gibus Your views including that I should have to shut up under your precious political posts. Not gonna happen
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    @gibus Sounds like someone didn't follow step 3 correctly. Figures
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    @12bitfloat ? Mate I'm a fucking aussie and literally everywhere it's far-left vs far-right Yanks throwing shade at each other. Why do I have to read the same shit over and over despite it allegedly being against the rules? You're all the same to me, far-left far-right same shit fundamentalists with ZERO chance of ever accepting anything the other side says. I come here for the topic of programming/computer-related shit. But no you come to drag your countries dirty laundry out and shove it in my face. Pompous asshat.
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    @gibus I don't know which far right or far left guy you're talking about because I don't know many authoritarians that are adamant about free speech
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    @12bitfloat Yeah this is one of those Americanisms I don't understand, and I don't care. You don't seem to grasp the fact that I feel the same way about your foreign political opinions as you likely do about spam. To me they hold about the same amount of value too.

    Spammers get banned despite all the "free speech" but somehow your irrelevant shit holds the right to some fundamental law of the universe that it must be protected. Get over yourself.
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    @gibus I'm not even american and I don't know what you want from me. All I'm saying is that YOU can't censor me
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