If I spray the shit out of this on something, do I DDoS that thing? 🤔

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    Big yes.
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    If you didn't spray your eyes, you would've seen to post this in the proper category.
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    DoS. You’d need multiple sources of incoming Ajax for a DDoS. But yes, this would absolutely be an effective attack on a server.

    Just... don’t, okay?
    I’d feel so bad for the poor thing.
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    @Root there are multiple droplets on a single spray though
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    @electrineer people make mistakes. I posted this in the middle of the fucking night, give me a break bruh.
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    @OmerFlame we correct our mistakes...
    If you do a migration|deployment in the night and the shit is down so you say the next day: Ah well make mistakes, middle of the night, give me a break and let it burn...

    Also Telamonian Ajax was a hero. Does not need some cheap spray on distributed attack. He would duel all day till the server goes down permanently.
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    @Root the spray head/nebuliser can be considered a distribution system and a distributed attack. Problem is that it's just an attack on a lot of surfaces. We can call this attack little fires everywhere.
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    BTW: I have no fucking clue why the image is so stretched. Absolutely no idea why that happened, here’s the image but this time better lmao
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    There first one isn't stretched if you open it
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    @electrineer I am getting mixed behaviors. In my app it does what you say it does, but on the official client it stays as is. WTF? (The screenshot is me opening it inside the official app)
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