We all have a reason to get start code. But after -5 experience What motivates you guys to code .

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    Please clarify what you mean by -5 experience?
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    @100110111 Minus 5 years? Or maybe it's just his intelligence stat that dropped 5 points
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    I'm thinking that was meant to be a ~

    It took me 5 years to go from my first line of code to a dev job, it wasn't the career I started with but did some messing around on the side.

    That job turned from data entry to developement to managing 250k/year in sales for a small business.

    That job laster 4 years, the year after I freelanced to pay the bills until I picked up another full time job.

    6 years later, I'm the senior developer and have been involved with most of the projects since I started for a branch of the company and still code day and night.

    What's motivation?
    Have kids and feed them,
    beyond that, enjoy the ride. 😏
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    If you are sick of tutorials, nothing is wrong. I generally like to develop my tiny software projects. Last I did was developing sensor readings website(data was coming from Arduino). It was fun and small so its size or blandness did not discourage me. On top of that I learnt basic Angular, HTML and CSS. Were those necessary to learn? Absolutely not but the scenario was fun.

    Try to find small problems that can be solved with your skillswt: maybe an automation script, a small UI or whatever.

    But if job coding is boring, I have no remedy for that.
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    I'm assuming you meant ~5 years of experience and not -5 experience (unless it's some gaming reference I'm not seeing).

    In my case, it's:
    - the ability to learn more things (like adding new tools to your toolbox and getting to use them).
    - the new ways of doing things (e.g. deploying services, projects in different places or more automated or efficient methods).
    - the almost constant stream of ideas for projects (some of which are solutions to problems I or others have).
    - being better at something I enjoy.
    - being more aware of the other roles, responsibilities, needs and issues of others.
    - having more career paths to visit.
    - doing things with like-minded people (be it meetups, projects, competitions, ...).
    - being able to accomplish stuff on my own or with others.

    If you struggle to find motivation, try:
    - filling an IKIGAI diagram,
    - learning new things (without being stuck in tutorial hell) and applying them (especially if you learn by experimenting or doing).
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    @100110111 Typo it is 4-5
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    that's simple. I like to make stuff, no exceptions.

    whether it is electronics, cooking, drawing or programming I just like to sometimes sit down and make something cool with what I know. With programming specifically it's usually something I want to test, experiment, challenge myself or make some work easier.

    sometimes I just have a neat idea of using the hardware I have in a cool way

    other times I just wonder if a certain trick would be possible and would make my future projects easier

    often I think of a boilerplate code I written a lot of times that's specific to me and just try to make it into a neat minimal library that I can re-use across my projects

    Even at work where the code is repetitive and barely creative I often find the need to build tools or test things to get the boring work done faster with less pain!

    I honestly have trouble comprehending why people *wouldn't* be motivated to code, it's awesome, It's like Lego but with endless bricks to use.
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    Nothing motivates me to code but I don't have a talent for anything major else so here I am.
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    @Ranchonyx Kinda for me too. No option left so here
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    @Berkmann18 Thanks for IKIGAI diagram :)
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    @rox79 You're welcome 🙂.
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