Hello i'm self-taught developer and im looking for a job as junior i need any suggestions to improve my cv and if i write in the cover letter that i will work for your company first 3/6 month with minimum pay will this help me to get a job

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    No, it won't help, it makes you look desperate which is never a good sign.

    Concentrate on showing your strengths and interests, and apply to internship positions with a good, personalised cover letter to show why the role interests you.
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    Don't do than man! Don't get underpaid
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    If you don't think you are valuable, they won't think that either.
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    Make sure you have built some stuff, have it visible on GitHub and linked on CV.

    If you still can't get a job then consider moving...
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    One good thing is to research the companies a bit so you know what they do and what you might be expected to work with and then read up on that.

    For example if they use a specific framework or if they are a product company what their product is.

    Then try to highlight things that might be specific to their needs and add any other skills as extras.

    Make sure to highlight any projects you have worked on that is similar or related.

    It will also help during an interview if they ask questions about their company or product. If you know a little they know that you put some time into your application which shows your serious and not just blanket every offer with a standard note.
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    Learn to use punctuation and speak properly. Works wonders.
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    Like others have said, #1 do not cut yourself short, companies are already going to screw you on pay. Don't make their job easier.

    #2 build something(s) that you can use to market your skills. Depending on the industry vertical you want to go into, maybe think about what kinds of software or tools are useful for that sector and write something geared for it. Example: if you wanted to go into the financial sector; write an invoicing software. If you wanted to go into the automotive sector; write something like a parts catalog.

    These are just random examples, but if you have something(s) that exemplifies your skills, you won't need to sacrifice your salary in order to get your foot in the door.

    bonus points, if you have a blog you can document the business problem that the software is meant to solve, write up some of the technical details of the software/tool you've worked on, and use that as additional resume/linkedin fodder. Hiring managers and HR folks eat that shit up.
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    @youngCoder sorry, if u from India, I could have helped.
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