Websites that don’t let you go back, Fuck you

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    CtrlW for the win. Or if the site is too good to leave, long back press to the rescue
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    history.replace is some tool of the devil, if used inappropriately.
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    Also websites that doesn't allow you to open links in tab
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    I swear the developers behind those websites, deserves a place in hell.
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    @Frederick Honestly, Hell would be a place too nice for those kind of people...
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    Me: Back
    Website: No
    Me: Back
    Website: No
    Me: Long press, choose a page from the list.
    Website: .... No
    Me: Close website. Never visit it again.
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    Also websites that present small images you can't zoom or open in tab on a mobile browser
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    Often you can just hold the browsers back button and than you can select the page you want.
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    Website that you can't right click but Ctrl+c works anyway.
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    Guys. You don't need to long press. Just click and drag downward.
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    @junon I don't know man. I just tried that out. It takes just as much time on my phone as a long press. What OS are you talking about?
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    @ezpz not phones.
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    @junon Nice. Just tried it on Brave. Thanks for the tip.
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    @lamka02sk How can website not allow you to open link in new tab?
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    @theabbie They use javascript to navigate the route instead of normal links
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    @lamka02sk oh, yeah, that's shitty
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    Back-button hijacking SUCKS. You’re right.
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    Yup, that's it.
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