Have you become a replacement tool doing manual and menial IT work to bridge the lack of a proper IT process and streamlining?

I've worked for such companies and it's super annoying.. companies that zip projects to Google Drive instead of using a VCS.. not even having a drawing board or proper office chairs.. not even a cafeteria.. companies using Subversion instead of Git, no project management systems nor software, no JIRA, shit written down on printed paper,.. the list goes on.

A nightmare, really. Like developing in the 90's..

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    Im infinitely grateful I haven't worked in such a place yet.
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    That's how it was when I started, although, it was just production updates back then. Zips would have been a step forward.

    Sometimes it's better to do, and ask for forgiveness, then do not, and ask for permission. Sometimes though.
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    At least you're not sending patch files over email. it's management hell after like 4 different branch streams.
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