Got a DM on Twitter to stop posting shit 💩 on DevRant.

Who are you in here? 😡

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    *DM on devRant* Stop posting shit on Twitter!

    (I'm not on Twitter.)
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    Don't know but you should listen to their advice
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    Definitely your Boss
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    Stop using Twitter, problem solved.
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    Nice solution.👍
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    Just make sure they can't match your profiles. Easy enough
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    Would be nice if we could transfer our points to a new acc, no? Say allowed only once per year 🤔
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    Just gift premium to your new acc.
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    you can change your username every 6 months 🙄

    But you need to remove some posts to hide yourself, which ends up with ++ reduction for all involved.
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    Is twitter that place where you can't say anything more than 127 characters ?

    I don't think I could stand such a place !

    I wou
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    @Nanos on the positive side, people might stand you better 🙂
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    I'd just rattle out a 100 messages to get my point across. :-)

    A bit like Facebook..

    But that kinda starts to limit you if you post more than 25 odd messages in 24 hours..

    Since that doesn't let you post 65k messages, it gets kinda klunky around 10k or so..

    It doesn't actually tell you to stop, it either doesn't post it, loses it, or slows to a crawl as you type..

    Kinda like, no one ever thought what would happen if someone typed more than 2 lines of text in a message..

    I wear hearing the other day how programmers there get paid $500k !

    Does that mean its the fault of their managers who tell them to write shit code ?

    I wonder how much they get paid..
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    I'm reminded that whilst here is better in that regard, and it has a character counter, its not 100% accurate..

    Maybe someone could fix that sometime..

    I think the issue is that it counts special characters as one, when they take up two memory slots.

    So you can end up with it saying you have 15 characters free, but it won't let you post.

    So U have 2 go through it like this & replace some words with shorter 1s..
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    Many apologies, isn't posting shit serve the purpose of Devrant? Hence the name Devrant, Dev Rant , not DevPolitelyPostingSomeFakePositivityPost.

    To me , You are doing just fine.
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    @johnmelodyme quality rants are no shit
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