you know what im tires of?

Finding a good domain name for a potential business, unregistered, and then using algorithms, the registrar itself snipes it and cybersquats it as "premium".

In otherwords, if you do find a good name, theres no point becauss it'll just be immediately labelled "premium" by an algorithm and lock you out with 5,000 dollar pay wall.

people in 2003 didnt have to deal with this shit. Registrars should be allowed to do this.

Five domain names now, out of a couple dozen I tried, the five good ones I came up with, all five, "premium".

It wasnt like they were even .coms or common words either. Hell one of them had a number in it.

Nope "we have determined spontaneously, through algorithm, you haves selected what may be a valuable domain name, thank you for the service of identifying it for us, we will now reserve it, even though no one else wants it, at a prohibitively high cost."

Like a homeless women finding a winning lottery ticket in a parking lot, and the rich fucking owner running out demanding that she give him it because it was lost in HIS public parking lot.

Like you motherfuckers dont already have enough? You know what a good domain is? Its a basis for credbility. Its the difference between whether people use your service or not. Its the foundation for excitement or interest.

And here we have this "algorithmically marked as premium" bullshit, fucking the poors out of any chance of even a good start.

"Haahahaha cocksuckers, you're not internet startups in the early two thousands! If you dont habe five grand go drop on a dpmain name that isnt even fucking owned, enjoy staying part of the fucking lowerclass!"

These fuckers. Cant believe this bullshit.

Just another day in motherfucking america, where you have to start rich to even get ahead. just one more way gen x, gen y, and gen z got fuckity fucked right in the ass.

fuck this country so much. fuck it all.

never even gonna have a chance to own a home or anything else.

nobody ever offered me a real fucking chance, not once in my god damned life. not even my fucking parents.

might as well drink myself into a coma.

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    I have not seen that on namesilo. Where are you seeing this?
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    It would interesting to check out namesilo to see if they are really bought.
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    I got a question. Got a two word, seven letter domain, its snappy. But its .io instead of .com

    Are .io domains worth it?
    On the plus side the .com is taken, but its also explicitly for sale (site has a sleek frontend advertising the name and an exact price). Which means the overhead price 1. kinda holds it in reserve for me, 2. I can buy it later when I have clients proper.
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    I thought io was for devices or services. I know it doesn't matter I guess. Its just a name.

    No idea on worth it. Domain extensions are all over the place.
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    @Wisecrack io domains might actually be hot stuff in the market. I did find some really techy blah blah sites with that extension
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    I didn't have that issue with my registrar, luckily. Only a week after I bought my domain, the .com version was suddenly also taken.

    Looks like someone thought I had forgotten to reserve .com so that he could make $$$ off of me. Nah cocksucker, I didn't want the .com version, that's why.
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    Damn is it really namecheap? I thought they were the good guys.
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    > might as well drink myself into a coma.
    I'm 99% sure you're just saying this. But on that 1% off-chance, please don't. Seriously.
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    Protip: never search for available domain names through any web services, always use the `whois` command to query the whois servers directly.
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    oldmanmicro.com is available. I had registered this at one time. Later when searching for it I found that the 2nd or 3rd top hit was about an old man's micro penis. My website was about microcontrollers. I was kind of naive.
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    I have not had this issue with gandi.net I have had it with other registrars.
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