How much do you charge for an e-commerce app?


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    Big monies.

    In all seriousness, charge by the hour not by the feature. You never know what it's gonna take to implement. Unless you're selling them a template with no modifications then charge big monies.
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    Total cost = My salary * total years 😏
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    @Elyz thanks

    Big money like?
    Example of price please
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    @C0D4 for example

    Can you have a starting price?
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    @Afrographics e-commerce is one of those things, if your not delivering a pre-made system (shopify / woocommerce) for example, then you'll be draining months, if not years into it.

    So the real question is, what are you worth ($$ vs time) and how long do you plan on building it for?
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    @Afrographics well. What's your time worth to you?
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    A lot
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    1 quadrillion dollars
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    Depends. Sky is the limit and it really depends on what the app must be able to do and with what kind of effort you can make it and what you want your margin to be. Oh, and what your competition charges.

    In the end, any number you hear here is not applicable to your case.
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    I exchange one for self sustainable spaceship that can get out from this planet.
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    @C0D4 mind if i hijack op's chat room? What is the average cost of a pre built solution like wordpress/shopify for a small video share website( or any other website using those solutions?) Userbase would be <10k for a long period after launch. Asking for myself
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    I agree with all stuff what @Elyz says.

    Depends a bit on the customers you want to have and the branch.

    If it is the government a million

    If it is the baker I come every day 2k. If I can get my croissants every day for free for a year they can get an online e-commerce websuilder site. Probably better than i can program for 15k or so

    Hmm. I actually would go for the 2k to 5k and just sell the solution and consultancy and won't program at all. No maintenance == happy customer. You can always sell some module written in vue or whatsoever for 5k and external api or so.

    Short story: if you want to have a webshop don't call me to program it. It's unaffordable. You have to sell drugs 😂

    What do you prefer to use?
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