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I'm a strong starter but not a strong finisher. I have rarely ever enjoyed putting "final touches" on anything. This is why I would appreciate working with someone who's a strong finisher and is not a credit-thief. But in this day and age for some absurd reason one must be both a strong starter and a strong finisher. One should be a complete person. 🙄

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    "One should be a complete person."

    I relate to this part.
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    I'm a pretty strong finisher and I specialize in putting final touches.. 😏
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    @rutee07 🤣🤣🤣 I would not have read that with such a strong sexual overtone if it weren't you.
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    Agreed, I hate starting a paper or document, I can spend hours trying to start, but once it's started that shit will be the most verbose bs any executive or managerial person will read
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    Am strong finisher with insane perfectionism and attention to detail. I often find it hard to figure out how I should start a project. Is it me you're looking for?
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    @Elyz yes
    Hellooooo this is youuuu I'm looking fooooor 🤓
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    *looking at all the unfinished projects*

    Yeah, I might be a strong starter, too.
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    This needs to be an employment criteria :D
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    I think I'm more of a starter in personal projects but a finisher at work.
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    My friend has a business in building mvp's. That's genius. Go work there. No final touches 😂 Brilliant

    And.. What is your age? I'm 30 - I wish I would be more complete too
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