So usually, you have a product and provide help only for the higher payment tiers. However, time and time again I've stopped using software because whenever I encountered a problem, I could never get help. It's so frustrating. Wouldn't it be a good investment to provide more help? I'm pretty sure my questions would be pretty dumb and easy to solve.

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    Refusing to help anyone but those who pay more sounds greedy and really fucking wrong.
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    It depends on how the users are distributed I think.

    If 95% of your users are non paying you might not have the resources.

    I mean, your already using something for free, demanding more without cost is rather entitled.

    The ones creating the product have costs and deserve to get payed.

    If they choose to offer parts of it for free, fine, but its their decision to do so.

    All companies I have worked for have had the policy to always pay for services even when we could get away with the free tier, if for no other reason so that they have an incentive to keep supplying the product.
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    I understand that they don't give me features, but I'd like to at least know what I'm missing out on. I'm not gonna buy a product I don't understand, but I gotta pay to understand it (and some only accept yearly payments), so I end up never buying it.
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