I am new to open source, so i was trying to solve some issues on an organisation. At first it seemed like what the hack is happening, i was not able to understand the codebase that well but slowly and eventually i get to learn some stuff.

Now, i got stuck at a small problem and to solve that problem it took me a whole complete week. During that phase, i realized some things that i want to share.
As a beginner it was too hectic to find the solution to that problem so i entered that problem on every platform from where there is some chances for reply, and i realized that no one is going to help you out completely and this is the best part, i mean if someone is going to spoon feed you than you won't learn anything. I know that feeling when you are scratching your head and you just want to get out of that mess but you are stuck and there is no one to help you out, believe me just hang in there, there will be some moments when you will realize that there is no more options left and you are done than for sure you will find something which you can try.
So you should also not ask for spoon feed, if you want to learn than fall into many problems as you can.
Best of luck.

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