When you convince your client to purchase a commercial thread-dump analysis tool, and that pies of soft gives you flamegraphs like this one [excerpt].

And then your own TD analysis tool works significantly better than that.

[P.S. I wonder how many of you will spot what's wrong here :) ]

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    I would say your problem is that you use Java
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    @leswile haha, yeah lol you're so funny that's hillarious.

    a classic comment of a person who doesn't know how to use a JVM.
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    Why are there stack frame appearing out of the blue at the top?
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    Wtf kind of flame graph has overhangs? lol
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    @junon overhangs and overlays :D See the middle thick column -- a thin one is hiding behind it (see above).

    I guess both YourKit Java Profiler and FastThread are using the same buggy Flamegraph library.
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