Probably that one time we lost to a shitty app that was of no use to the community and literally scammed the opinion of the jury.

Their concept was a webapp that would suggest a room to study to a student on our campus. It was called "is it free/vacant" but should've been called "is it open" since there is no way of knowing how many seats are occupied, etc.

The jury was amazed, the app was worthless, literally 15 minutes of coding, presentation had a shit ton of buzz words like "were using mongodb to store the classrooms", was just fucking horrible

On the same competition a guy tried to enter his company that was developing the Facebook page managing app for Windows phone, already having a working app and making revenue from it for at least a year lol

We still got second place, but it was a really disappointing second place, shit was rigged yo

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    @nitaj96a basically it was our campus portal in a native android app, with a couple of quirks, the idea was that you could access all the data offline.

    You could see your schedule, your courses and respective teachers, announcements. I made a cool widget that would tell you were your next class would be or where your class was in case you were late, simple stuff like that.

    At least where I study we have a lot of interactivity through the campus portal and the website was simply awful on mobile.

    I truly believe we got screwed by the admins of the campus website which were also members of the jury, they had a parallel competition and asked us personally why we wouldn't enter on theirs

    we responded that "a tablet for first prize splitting by the two of us whilst giving you guys our entire code isn't really enticing"
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